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As a New York branding agency we can help strengthen your company’s image by creating a brand identity that encompasses the core values and unique benefits of your product or service. Your brand identity design agency in New York needs to be positioned correctly in the marketplace in order to attract the right client and that’s where we can help.

Great branding comes from understanding what your business stands for

New companies as well as established Brand, Marketing and Creative teams rely on Web In Gotham to create or improve their logo, visual identity, style guide, templates and more based on your marketing strategy, customer feedback, competitive intelligence and more.

Design is one of the strong foundations of the agency, with many graphic designers working exclusively in this area. We have many projects to be proud of.

Your brand identity is the most powerful tool in building credibility. If it’s going to drive brand awareness, it needs to be distinctive.

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Some of our finest project

Here is a selection of projects realized by our agency. You can consult our portfolio to see more … But never forget that all these projects have the look and feel that our clients wanted to give them. Yours… it will be your company’s image.

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